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Friday, October 30, 2009

Blue Lagoon

Etsy :: Treasury West List

lavenders included my Fused Glass Lantern in Blues for her treasury titled, "Blue Lagoon." It is a beautiful collection of blues with both vibrance and depth. Well done! Please check out her handmade wire jewelry. I love her Petite Hoops with Pearls.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two New Treasuries!

Etsy :: Treasury List
Etsy :: Treasury List

Here are the latest:

A qua. B eige. C rimson ABC, 123... , curated by maxireichel. It includes my brand new Harlequin Lantern.

Pewter and Butternut sooo Earthy!!! , curated by littleblueegg (check out her fun vintage finds!) . It includes my Autumn Tree Fused Light Catcher.

Short and sweet today because I have a cold, 2 wholesale orders to finish, and a little boy who needs my love!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Only Two?

Trying to work at home has been a challenge. I have a very spirited and imaginative 4 year old son. Today was a great example of what I deal with. I do my cutting and soldering when he is at preschool. I wait until he is home, though, to run the kiln. (I'm afraid I might burn down the neighborhood if I left the kiln unattended.) Today I ran out to to turn on the kiln. He was, I thought, engaged in his pipe cleaner craft he so diligently works on. I came back in from the studio (2 minutes?) and he had that look on his face. I know that look. So I said, "What are you up to?" He calmly replied, "I only threw two eggs out the front door."

((Only two???)) :/

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aqua Treasury and New Banner

Etsy :: Treasury West List

I was in another lovely Treasury today. seragun included me in her first, title,"Aqua." This is a fabulous collection, especially for a first. She chose my Luna Candle Holder. Luna has been my muse as of late. In fact, I chose this piece to picture on my web and blog banners, business cards, and tags. I think she really sums up the feeling of my store as well as the techniques I'm currently using. (If you like my banner, please visit whimsygraphicdesigns. Rebecca did a fabulous job with the designs.) Don't forget to check out seragun's beautiful fiber accessories. I love her floral weave necklace!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Etsy Finds Decor: In Praise of the Hunt

It is so exciting to visit CraftCult and find that the views on one of my items is greatly elevated. It happened today! I found that Christine (iheartmoustaches) listed my Amber Lantern as a Related Item in her article "Etsy Finds Decor: In Praise of the Hunt." The article features items inspired by the home of Etsy vintage seller blogbloglog (Alexander Salvage is the company name). This is truly an eclectic collection, illustrating how a trained eye can successfully mix different styles and eras in home decor.

Thanks, Christine! I needed a lift today!

Orange Juice and Oatmeal

Started my day off right! I woke to find that I was in a fun Treasury called "Orange Juice and Oatmeal." What a great theme! gubfactory picked a wonderful collection all in those colors, kncluding my new Autumn Tree Fused Light Catcher. Please visit gubfactory's shop to view her quirky, loveable plush animals (the coffee cozy above is hers, as well).

I need water in my life.

I've always longed for water in my life. I think that it is an instinctual need to be near something so basic to our survival. I love oceans, rivers, and creeks. I find it profoundly relaxing. This weekend my little gang took a day trip to Sandstone Falls near Hinton, WV. How did I not know about this place earlier? We'd gone on hikes all over the area, but this gem eluded us until now! Utterly beautiful. The New River is wide and shallow. It is an ancient river, the oldest in the U.S. We climbed out onto huge rocks and watched and listened to the falls. My son collected giant crawdad (crayfish) claws and clamshells. The sound and smell actually reminded me of the ocean. There was a shell "island" and even sea (or waterfall) glass. This place was also full of rich textures: pebbles, weathered trees, currents. Next time I'll bring the good camera. I would go there everyday if I didn't have to drive an hour to get there!