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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I need water in my life.

I've always longed for water in my life. I think that it is an instinctual need to be near something so basic to our survival. I love oceans, rivers, and creeks. I find it profoundly relaxing. This weekend my little gang took a day trip to Sandstone Falls near Hinton, WV. How did I not know about this place earlier? We'd gone on hikes all over the area, but this gem eluded us until now! Utterly beautiful. The New River is wide and shallow. It is an ancient river, the oldest in the U.S. We climbed out onto huge rocks and watched and listened to the falls. My son collected giant crawdad (crayfish) claws and clamshells. The sound and smell actually reminded me of the ocean. There was a shell "island" and even sea (or waterfall) glass. This place was also full of rich textures: pebbles, weathered trees, currents. Next time I'll bring the good camera. I would go there everyday if I didn't have to drive an hour to get there!

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