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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Treasury East... oh, the possibilities!

Sea Critters by paleorama on Etsy

OK, so I just found out that Etsy has a new Treasury section called Treasury East, now in Beta mode. The Treasuries don't expire like the other Treasuries, so this link will stay active unless the curator deletes it. Treasury East has, IMO, many possibilities. I think it will be a wonderful tool for shoppers to make shopping lists with. Here is a way to finally make a bridal or baby registry or wish list on Etsy! Fabulous!

Click on the picture above to visit the first Treasury (that I know about) that has not one, but two of my items featured! Thanks paleorama!

One of the problems with Treasury East is that there has been no way to know if you are in a Treasury there unless the curator convos you. Today I saw that an Etsy seller developed an application (also in Beta Mode) that allows you to search Treasury East by seller! Thanks to l'indecise for making such a wonderful tool! Here's a link to the app:

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