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Monday, October 18, 2010

What do your kids do in Kindergarten?

Apparently my son spends the majority of his morning doing work sheets, then they go to lunch. I think they have a special class after lunch (gym, spanish, music, etc.) After that they have a 15 minute recess (yes, only 15 minutes for 5 year olds AND if he doesn't finish his work sheets, he's not allowed to go out for recess). Then they have a snack. Aside from the problems that you've already noticed above, snack time is an issue with me. Here's why:

1. The children are forced to watch TV. WHY? Once my son was forced to watch Sponge Bob. Friday my son was forced to watch Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fu Panda is rated PG! My husband and I had already previewed it and deemed it was too violent and too "old" for our son. My son told his teacher he did not want to watch it, but he was not allowed to do something else. WHY? How on earth does this fit into a Kindergarten curriculum? My son gets in trouble for defending himself against a bully. Then the teacher shows a movie about hitting. Way to go! There's consistency for you! The teacher had the nerve to ask if there are consequences in our home for hitting. It is the school that is inconsistent!

2. We aren't allowed to provide my son's snack. We give him healthy foods. Apparently all of the other kids eat Ho-ho's. Every parent brings a snack for the class once a month. The school told us that it has to be pre-packaged, individual servings. Guess what that means? No fruit, no veggies, just junk. We sent Cheez-its the last time. At least they're baked. Crimony. It's no wonder obesity is such a huge issue here.

I would love to hear some feedback on this. Please comment with your experiences and opinions.

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