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Monday, July 19, 2010

Locked Out and 4 Treasuries!

What a day! My husband came home early this afternoon to have lunch. My son and I had already eaten and were in the back swimming. After about half an hour, my husband came out to say "bye" and that he was returning to work. About 10 minutes after that I went to get something inside. The door was locked! Then I tried the front door and checked all of the ground floor windows. We were locked out! Thank goodness we keep the sunscreen on the patio and that I hadn't locked my car and keep water inside! He finally came home around 4:30. My son and I were bored and hiding in the shade. Even with sunscreen we can't be out all day. Now we're relieved to be in safe and sound. My husband is cooking dinner as we speak... :)

Anyway, my items are in 4 new treasuries! I would have blogged about this earlier, but you know, something came up. Enjoy these wonderful collections:

"I'm Melting," curated by TrickyFox, includes my Orange Bubble Necklace.

"Some of my Favorite Things," curated by kheilartworks (a very valued customer - thank you!), includes my Kiku Flower Suncatcher.

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