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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Discovery Kids Becoming The Hub

We love Nick Jr. ! Nick Jr. has wonderful educational shows geared at Preschool and Kindergarten children. There are NO COMMERCIALS! How wonderful is that? Well, my son is getting older. He is outgrowing many of their shows. We have searched and searched for shows that are educational and age-appropriate. PBS Kids, of course, has great morning and afternoon shows. Nathan enjoys Arthur, Word Girl, The Electric Company and Super Why. His favorite is Fetch! We had nothing to watch during Prime Time as a family. Then we found Discovery Kids. He loves Scout's Safari and Adventure Camp. These are fun for all of us to watch and are educational. We have adjusted to him seeing some commercials. Well, I just found out that on October 10, Discovery Kids becomes The Hub. The Hub is a partnership between The Discovery Channel and Hasbro. That's right, Hasbro. The toy company. Get ready for ads disguised as entertainment. Their new lineup includes: GI Joe (violent), Strawberry Shortcake (insipid), Transformers (violent), some Japanese anime (violent) , among others. Not the quality lineup I was hoping for. Great. Thanks a lot Discovery Channel. I saw that Adventure Camp is staying. Can you maybe throw us bone and include something else educational for kids? How about Crash, Bang, Splat! or Scout's Safari, or the Myth Busters Kid's show? Please?

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