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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Redshirting Boys for Kindergarten

The problems that my son has had starting Kindergarten, have made me think about the issue of "Redshirting." That means voluntarily holding your child back. Because of their slower social and fine motor development, it is almost always boys who are redshirted. If my son weren't so intelligent and curious, we may have considered that as an option. However, we decided that on top of being academically bored, he's a big kid. He would completely dwarf any child in a Pre-K class. Many people redshirt their sons to give them this physical advantage. I don't agree with that.

Nathan's first Kindergarten class (we just switched) had 6 six-year olds in a class of 22 (27%...much higher than 9%, which is the national average)! Something to keep in mind is that I was 5 when I started first grade! My questions are:

Is Kindergarten not aimed at 5 year olds anymore?
Is it truly the new first grade?
Are we aiming Kindergarten at girls and excluding boys?
Shouldn't Kindergarten suit the needs of the entire normal range of children who are 5 at the beginning of the school year?
If this trend continues, will most boys be forced to redshirt because they are now 18 months younger than others in the class?

It is a trend that I can't see continuing. I'm starting to consider that it may be better to have separate boy and girl Kindergarten classes.
Perhaps the program needs to adjust, not the children?

What do you think?

Here are some links to articles on the subject (much better written than my little rant...):


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