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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kindergarten Update

Well Kindergarten hadn't been going well. My son was in trouble nearly every day. On the days that he hadn't gotten in trouble, he would come home and cry because he worked so hard to hold himself together during school that he just broke down when he got home. It was breaking my heart. We ended up having him evaluated for sensory processing disorder. Yep. He has problems with his vestibular. It involves hearing and balance. His school decided that they had too many children and started another kindergarten class. We moved him to the new class so that he could have a fresh start. We met his teacher today. She seems wonderful! She really listened to our concerns. She also has a "cozy corner." This will be very helpful with Nathan. Sometimes he needs a quiet refuge when he gets over-stimulated. I'm really optimistic!

Here's a link with more information on vestibular disfunction:
and on auditory issues:

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